Monday Morning Offering - 1

O God,
it's Monday!

A new week stretches before me:
will you walk with me this week, Lord?

Slow me down before I go too fast
and give me strength to do well
the things I really need to accomplish...

Give me the wisdom to lay aside
the things I do not need,
the cares I need not carry,
the burdens I need not bear...

Amid the worries of this week, Lord,
calm my fears,
lift my spirits,
give me rest
- and keep me in today...

Open my eyes to any way
I might lighten the burdens of others
and give me the grace and courage to offer:
my hand, my arm, my shoulder;
my heart, my support, my comfort;
my smile, my story, my love...

Show me yourself this week, Lord:
open my ears to your voice,
my eyes to your beauty,
my heart to your mercy,
my mind to your counsel,
my weary limbs to your strength,
my mouth to give you praise...

A new week stretches before me, Lord:
help me to live it
a day at a time,
in your time,
in peace...




  1. A much needed prayer to start my week, and a most beautiful song and video. The colors and scenes are gorgeous. "Yahweh, you are near", is a psalm that makes me feel closer to God and always touches my heart.

  2. Thank you indeed! Do you have a published book of prayers? If not...you should.

  3. Anne: I did write a book titled "Prayerbook for Engaged Couples" but it's not actually a book of prayers, it's a book designed to help engaged couples pray together over the scripture and ritual texts for the Catholic marriage rite. My other two books are "Preparing for Liturgy: a theology and spirituality" and "Parish Weddings." The former is just what the title indicates; the latter is a guide for parishes working on creating local guidelines for celebrating the sacrament of marriage. All are published by Liturgy Training Publications in Chicago and available through Amazon.com.

    (I'm also part of LTP's video, "Your Catholic Wedding.")

  4. Thank you for an extraordinarily beautiful prayer and the video. You cannot know how meaningful and helpful this post was for me. I awoke with thoughts of a very unpleasant yesterday on my mind and after meditating on and absorbing the prayer, I realized that yesterday's baggage belonged in yesterday, and I needed to stay in today. A comforting message from Jesus through your words. I agree with Anne, a published book of your prayers would be a gift to all of us.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. May God take away any cares or fears you may have and gently enfold you in his loving embrace.

  6. I've purchased a few copies of Preparing for Liturgy. It seems when I loan it out I don't get it back...for good reasons. I don't mind.

  7. Hi,
    The illustration has an '80s feel. Is it from that era?

  8. I found this a couple weeks ago and downloaded it but unfortunately I didn't save the info on the source. I did a lengthy search yesterday to find the source for attribution but came up with nothing. If anyone knows the source, please leave a message here.

  9. Lately your blog has been a source of ear worms for me. You know ear worms? Those tunes that squirm into your brain and are in no hurry to leave? First it's "Summertime," and now it's "Yahweh I know You Are Near!" I prefer the latter, especially since it reminds me of good times in the past and a vowed friend who proclaimed that "there is no other nun [sic] beside me" was about her. :-)

  10. I love the graphic!
    It is how I feel when Happiness and Praise take over my heart.

  11. Can we sing this in church sometime?

  12. I'll ask our music director to keep this psalm in mind as he plans our weekend repertoire.

    Folks from other parishes, of course, will need to speak with their own music ministers.

    Although I think it's been a while since we've sung this at Sunday Mass, it does occasionally show up at our Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter Evening Prayer liturgies.

  13. Thanks so much for this one. It comes just when I really need it! The prayer and the song are most touching and fit so well together.

  14. Fr. Fleming - I find myself coming back to this song - over and over and over again - certainly for more than two years now. Yes, i know that God is there for me; yes, he loves me and looks out for me - even though since I divorced an unfaithful husband, I am no longer welcome within the formal structure of the church. It's funny that my very best friend lives in your parish - although she suffers from altheimers and, I am a graduate of Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton - 'tho I've lived in several countries and many states since then. Your words and thoughts seem to me to be true - as are God's.. this particular song calls to me - and I listen and I do love it. Thank You.


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