Monday Morning Offering - 105

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Oh, my heart is so often filled, Lord,
filled with my desire for clarity,
for surety and solutions,
for evidence and proof,
for certainty, signs and answers...

And when I bring you these desires, Lord,
I'm often disappointed
when my prayer meets
your quiet presence,
your inscrutable silence,
your mysterious Spirit...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you my desire to trust...

Help me to trust in your wisdom
when I'm in a complete fog...

Help me to trust in your strength
when I have none...

Help me see beyond my problems
when my problems are all that I can see...

Help me trust that all shall be well
when everything seems impossible...

Help me trust in your fidelity
when I feel abandoned and lost...

Help me trust in tomorrow
when today is so bleak...

Help me trust in your word
when I can't hear your voice...

Help me trust in your truth
when I'm lost in confusion...

Help me trust in your light
when I'm lost in the dark...

Help me trust in your love
when I feel completely alone...

Help me trust in you
when I don't trust myself...

Help me trust in your mercy
when I fear you won't forgive me...

I offer you my desire, Lord, to trust in you...

And through this day's ups and downs,
through this week's sorrows and joys,
open my heart to those whose paths cross mine
and help me trust in their goodness
and help them trust in mine...

This is the prayer I offer this morning, Lord,
and all this day and through this week:
help me trust that you hear me
and in your mercy, answer me...


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  1. so much of the time we just don't know-
    maybe certainty is just something we strive for- something we hope for- but maybe we really can't be absolutely certain... ever...
    I am right now in the midst of, well let's just say "some major stuff"-
    and I am learning that I need to "just trust"- and keep on going, even if it seems I am blinded-

    just keep doing what I believe (and what I am told) are the right things to do-
    and trust that "all will be well"-
    and even if nobody else is there in the end, one thing is certain:
    that God will be there.

    this prayer is like a GPS or something- giving sort of step by step directions (at least spiritually and mentally) and reminders to help us get to where we need to be.

    thank you.


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