Monday Morning Offering - 112

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
You've sent a few perfectly warmed days our way here
but the cooler nights tell the truth of fall's arrival -
not to mention your colorful signature
on the trees all around...

I've been watching the squirrels scurry,
storing up for winter what summer has left behind
and their wisdom tips me to do the same, Lord:
storing up nuggets of summer memories
to tide me through the months ahead...

So I offer you my thanks and praise
for pieces of summer still fresh enough
to savor one more time,
sweet enough to store for times when 
summer's memories fade and I long
for the hope that only spring will bring...

When hurried, harried days become the norm,
remind me, Lord, of the lazy days of summer
and the freedom of taking my time
to do what I wanted, 
when I wanted to do it,
or not...

When my house is closed up to keep out wind and chill,
remind me of open windows and curtains 
waving a breeze across my bed in the morning...

When hats and coats and scarves and gloves
become my daily wear,
remind me, Lord, of sandals, shorts, short sleeves
and summer's warmth upon my face...

When the sun sets oh-too-early 
and bared branches trace a leafless pattern
on November skies,
remind me, Lord, of lush, green growth and
shade, beautiful shade, shielding me 
from sun and heat I'll soon be longing for...

When meetings and Masses,
classes and councils fill my planner to overflowing,
remind me of those days on the Cape, Lord,
when my schedule was as free as the waves at the shore...

As the cooler days keep me from my beloved porch, Lord,
my place of peace and prayer,
draw me to my prayer room 
with its windows and warmth,
its quiet sanctuary for conversation with you...

Photo by CP

 Fill my heart, Lord, with nuggets of a summer past
as August becomes a mist, a wisp 
and fall turns to frost and frost to cold
and winter snows me in...

Be my warmth in the weeks and months ahead, Lord:
squirrel me away in a corner of your heart
and keep me, as you always do, 
with thoughts of summer past and promise of April,
soon to come...

And in this season of change, warm my heart
to the seasons of the hearts of those whose paths
cross mine today and through this week...


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  1. I am enjoying the beauty of these fall days and nights. I cherish memories of the days of summer, and look to the newness of lilacs on a beautiful spring day. Leaving me with only memories of the winter's chill.
    Dare I skip ahead that far? Yes, But I still embrace these wonderful days in the here and now. and wish you a very Happy Autumn!

  2. One of your best Monday Morning Offerings...especially on this chilly, rainy Mon morn !! Thanks.

  3. Really loved this post. Perhaps to hold on to summer on the Cape a tad longer you could tell us about the dinner of mussels you alluded to about a month ago!



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