Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/20

For today's pause for prayer
I invite you to begin by considering three quotes:
one from ancient times,
one from the second century,
one from the 20th century.

Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord!
(Psalm 150)

The glory of God is a human being
- fully alive!
(St. Irenaeus)

We all have inside ourselves, what shall I call it?
A piece of good news!
(Ugo Betti)

Help me believe, Lord,
   that even in the toughest times
there is within me, in my heart and soul
   -- what shall I call it?
 A piece of your good news...

Help me believe, Lord,
   that through me, with me and in me
     you have good news to share with those around me...

Help me know the good news within me
   and help me hear it first for myself
      for like everyone else, I need good news...

Help me find and believe,
   help me share with others
      the piece of good news that's mine, Lord...

Let no anger or fear silence my good news,
   depriving others of what you'd share
      through me and with me and in me...

Help me grow to be fully alive in you, Lord,
   help me find your good news
      already astir in my heart...

I breathe, Lord, and so I live!

Let even my breathing praise you, Lord,
   and let every breath I take set free
      what I hold inside my heart...

And what shall I call what I hold within?
   I shall call it, Lord,
      a piece of your good news...

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