Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/19

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As at ocean's edge
so in my heart, Lord:
tides come high and low,
in and out, they rise and fall
as days and years go by...

High tide brings sweet waves of joy:
my heart an ocean full of life to buoy me up,
afloat on waters sometimes rolling gently,
sometimes rough and stormy,
sometimes calm and still...

But then the tide goes out
and sometimes with it slips my heart,
my spirits muddied, worried, grieved:
on tidal flats I stand and scan the ocean's reach
for hope's return, for waves of joy to crash again
upon this stretch of beach I call my own...

No moon commands the pull of tides inside my heart:
only you, Lord, know the rise and fall
that one day is my peace and oh-too-soon
the next day is my sorrow...

Only you, Lord, save me from the roiling seas
and give me hope when low tide strands me
in my sadness on a lonely shore...

As sure as high tide follows low
I know you'll lift my spirits, Lord,
and bid me swim again in waters joyful
with your healing and your blessing...

But while the tide is low, stand by my side
(I know you do) and keep vigil:
watch with me through this dark night
for the tide's swift, sweet return,
its waters washing 'cross my toes...



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  1. Beautiful Poem, Song, Prayer.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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