UPDATED: Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 11/15

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Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

you will not fail today
to show me your face,
speak to my heart,
and touch my soul with healing...

You will not fail today
to walk by my side,
to show me the way,
and lead me to where your peace awaits...

You will not fail today, Lord,
to help me carry the burdens I bear,
to be the light in my darkness
and to offer some joy in my sadness...

You will not fail today
to give me what I need,
everything I need,
to come to this day's end in peace...

Help me not fail today
to look for you, Lord,
and listen for your word;
to open my heart
to your presence and your touch;
to find you at my side, guiding my way
and lifting me up each time I fall...

Help me not fail today, Lord,
to find and accept
your saving presence in my life,
in my heart and in my prayer...

This is the day that you've made, Lord,
and you will not fail
to walk and live it with me:
help me not fail
to live and walk it with you... 



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