Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/29

I need some quiet in my life, Lord...

I need a quiet place,
a time free of sounds
- and I know that with a little work
I can make that happen..

But I need more than quiet in a room:
I need some quiet in my head,
in my heart and in my soul...

I need a quieting
of the jumbled thoughts that fill my mind,
the worn out worries that clog my heart,
the useless fears that plague my soul...

I need a quieting
of the work that shouts from screen and desk,
of obligations calling for my calendar and time,
of unsolved problems crying for and needing my attention...

I need the quiet that comes
only from you, Lord,
from your heart and from your grace:
the quiet of the peace
that only you can give...

So I'll make a quiet time
and find a quiet place
and pray you'll hush the furies in my mind,
brush the worries from my heart
and shush the fears that haunt my soul...

I need some quiet,
some peace and quiet,
and you alone, O Lord,
can help me find it...



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