Monday Morning Offering: 9/14

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Seems in my part of the world, Lord, 
you’re easing us into autumn 
with warm sunny days wrapped 
in cool mornings and evenings... 
The balance, just now, is near perfect 
but soon a chill will spill into afternoon hours
and slowly pick the leaves from trees 
until they’re bared of beauty, 
summer’s glory fading fast...
Something in me longs to stall the seasons changing,
to stay the summer and hold back the dying 
that comes 'round this time each year 
as sunlight plays its game of hide-and-seek... 
This is fall's time, Lord: 
time for a brisk nip in the air quickening my step and pace, 
for branches scratching prayers across a harvest moon, 
and for such such rare, spare beauty -
I offer you my praise and thanks… 
Inside and out, Lord,
 my body and soul stand between the seasons:
no change in nature’s phases fails 
to change in turn the seasons of my heart… 
The rhythms of creation, 
of suns and planets, moons and tides 
all echo in my heart and my soul knows 
how all that lives will die 
and all that dies will rise again 
when comes the spring that has no end…

Walk me from summer into fall, Lord,
without losing an hour's sunlight
or a day's warmth
or a moment's memory of sand and shore...

Walk me from summer into fall, Lord:
show yourself in all your leafy autumn beauty,
dropping down to lay a colored carpet,
a path beneath my steps...

Help me let go what I hold too tightly,
what cannot last the whole year through,
and let my empty arms embrace what comes
with trust that even in the falling, in the dying,
you are with me, faithfully present
and abiding in all the seasons of my life...

Be my bridge, Lord, from summertime to fall
and ready me for all that lies ahead:
the winter and the cold, the springtime and its promise
and summer once again...

Receive my prayer today, Lord,

my Monday morning offering,
and keep me through the week

and through the season's change ahead....



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