Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/18

When I live streamed a prayer service on Ash Wednesday I was unable to give ashes to those who joined me in prayer on line. So, I adapted the "signing of the senses" as a ritual prayer for beginning the season of Lent, inviting folks to sign themselves or others with them, marking themselves with the Cross of Jesus.  We're now half way through this holy season - a good time to review our Ash Wednesday prayer, perhaps to sign ourselves with Cross once again, to renew (or even to begin!) our participation in this holy season.

In baptism, we are claimed by the power of Christ’s Cross.
We now remember Christ’s claim upon us
      as we begin our Lenten journey,
         a path that will lead us to Easter
            when, with joy, we will renew
               the promises of our baptism.
-Receive the sign of the Cross + on your forehead…
      It is Jesus himself who strengthens you
         with this sign of his love.
      In the season before us,
         learn to know him more deeply
            and to follow him more faithfully.
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your eyes…
      Day by day this Lent,
         may you see the glory of God all around you.
      May you see the face of Jesus
            in everyone you know and meet.
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your ears…
      Listen for the Lord's voice
          in the whisper of the Holy Spirit,
          in the scriptures and in your prayer,
          and in the words of your brothers and sisters…
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your lips…
      In these holy 40 days,
         may you respond to God’s Word in prayer.
      Speak the name of Jesus with love and reverence.
      May all your speech be true and charitable
         and let no unkind words pass your lips.
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your shoulders…
      May you take up your crosses in this life,
         and remember in the days ahead
            that Jesus helps you carry every cross that is yours.
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your over your heart…
      When you rise each Lenten morning
         and before you go to bed each night,
            invite the Lord to dwell more deeply in your heart.
      Welcome Jesus into your heart of hearts:
         he has already made his home within you.
- Receive the sign of the Cross + on your hands…
      May Christ may be known in all you do.
      Never lift your hand to harm or threaten anyone.
      May your hands be always ready
         to lift up, support and carry your neighbor.
 - Receive the sign of the Cross + on your feet…
      Walk always in the footsteps of Jesus. 
      May your steps always lead you closer to Christ.
      May you never stray from the path of his Word.

In the shadow of the Cross of Jesus,
   may Almighty God bless you:
     + Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



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