Monday Morning Offering: 12/13

         Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Two weeks left in Advent, Lord,
and then it's your birthday!

I was working on a MMO
to offer you my words, deeds and prayers
in these last two weeks
as a birthday gift to you
and as a way for me to prepare to celebrate it...

Then a friend* posted a great meme on FaceBook
expressing just what I wanted to share here
on my page...

My guess, Lord, is that the gifts you really desire
can't easily be wrapped up and placed under  a tree
or stuffed in a stocking...

The kind of gifts you're hoping for 
pretty much defy any kind of packaging:
they're gifts that can only be given and received
through human interaction,
through a genuine, honest, humble, loving exchange
between human beings seeking and making peace...
So here's the meme, Lord,
and here's the meme, dear readers!
(Then scroll down below the meme
    for the rest of today's prayer!)

How about if we all choose to do at least
    the hardest task on the tree and the easiest one
and many more as well,
    as the Spirit may choose to move us
        and our generosity allows...
So I offer you the words, deeds and prayers
    I need to speak, do and raise to you
to give you, Lord, just the gifts
    you've always wanted for your birthday...

*Thank you, GK!




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