Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/10

Valentines Day is almost here, Lord...
I won't be buying candy and roses and cards
but it seems a good time for a  a check up on my heart
so this morning I bring to prayer some questions:
help me better understand my own heart, Lord...

In whose hands, Lord, 
    have I entrusted the love of my heart?

Where do I turn, to whom do I turn, Lord
    when my wounded heart needs healing?
    when my broken heart needs mending?
    when my chilled heart needs warming?
    when my saddened heart needs joy?
    when my empty heart needs filling?
    when my lonely heart needs company?
    when my grieving heart needs comfort?
    when my frightened heart needs courage?
    when my discouraged heart needs hope?
    when my sinful heart needs mercy?
    when my failing heat needs grace?
Well, the answer in every case, Lord
    - is you!
You - and all those you've given me
    to nurture, bind up, hold and love
        the heart that's mine...
My heart is as healthy, Lord
    as my faith in you is strong,
    as my trust in you is deep,
    as my prayer to you is honest,
    as my love for others, selfless...
As Valentines Day draws near, Lord,
open my heart wide and make yourself to home;
    strengthen what is weak, soften what is hard,
    calm what is distressed, pardon wrongs I've done;
    refresh what has gone stale and dwell in me in peace...

Be my Valentine, Lord!
Take my heart, a gift for you,
    the heart which you first gave to me;
give me your love, your life for me,
    the life whose love redeems my heart...





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