Monday Morning Offering: 9/26

       Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I'm envious today, Lord! 
My Jewish friends are celebrating Rosh Hashana, 
welcoming in their new year,
a new beginning and a fresh start...
I have to wait until November 27,
this year's First Sunday of Advent:
    the beginning of a new year of grace
    on my faith's calendar...
Since that's more than two months away, Lord,
I'm grateful to know that in your mercy
    each day when I awake,
       a new beginning's mine;
    when I fail your word,
        you give a second chance;
    and when I ask for pardon,
        my slate's wiped clean again...
An annual turn of the year is awesome:
    a day of grace, a feast of renewal,
    a fresh start and a new beginning
but all of that's mine every day, Lord:
    every time I rise, every time I call on you,
    every time I pray, every time I ask for mercy,
    every time I seek your wisdom, every time I recommit,
    every time I reconcile with you and with my neighbor,
    every time your grace rekindles
        my desire to follow you...
So I offer you this morning 
my prayer, my hope, to enter:
    a new year of your grace, 
    a clean sweep of my soul,
    a season of fidelity,
    a week of renewed mindfulness,
    a day of living by your word,
    a new and fresh beginning, 
    your daily Rosh Hashana
        of mercy, peace and joy...





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