Word for the Weekend: Come and see!

Image: The Calling of Peter and Andrew by Caravaggio

The Christmas season is complete -even on the Church calendar- although the Vatican is holding out just a bit longer with its decorations.

The liturgical calendar returned to Ordinary Time on Monday, January 12. The feast of the Baptism of the Lord was celebrated on the First Sunday in Ordinary Time and so January 18 is the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.

For the day's scriptures and background material on them, check out the St. Louis University site and for some hints for helping kids prepare to the hear the Word, go to the Sadlier site.



  1. Hey, Concord Pastor. I love "Here I Am Lord" but that version is CHEESY. (What's up with the computerized trumpets?) The St. Olaf Choir version at Imeem is more subtle.

  2. Paul is 110% correct in his frank critique of the SLJ original recording of this piece. And I'm grateful that he suggested a more subtle rendition which is now up on the post. Thanks, Paul!

  3. The Vatican must never have gotten away from the February 2 end to Christmas season (at least with regard to display of Nativity scene.) It would be interesting to find out who called for the dismantling of and then the reassembling of the Nativity scene! Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. How do you keep it all going. Cape Cod Charlie asked me yesterday if you had a secretary? I told him you do it all he could not believe it. Keep up the great work I look forward to checking in often.

  5. is something missing here? I dont see anything.....no imeen

  6. Austin.. have you ever thought of publishing your Monday Morning Offerings?

  7. "anonymous ii" - I see the Imeem player - anyone else having a problem with this?

    Joe: I have thought about it but before I do anything serious, I need to have more material ready for review and editing. I'm up to about 30 now and it strikes me that 52 would be a good number to publish. I appreciate your asking!

  8. Bill - no secretary on my blog but 2 secretaries in my office!

  9. In my Christmas card to Sister Mary, whom I have known for many years and who now lives in London, I mentioned your blog. I received a note from her today and thought I would pass along her own words.

    "I tuned into Fr. Fleming's blog and found it very inspirational. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm sure it appeals to many people - a great apostolate."



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