Monday Morning Offering - 155

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Still pondering and praying over
boats and lizards, walking and sinking,
you and Peter,
and you and me, Lord...

I offer you my awe as I hear,
in the telling of the gospel,
how you walked on the water:
how simple you make the miraculous seem,
how easy you make the impossible look,
how amazing that you should invite me
to walk with you - on the water...

I offer you my excitement,
my giddy anticipation that I might do
as you have done...

And I offer you my hidden anxiety
that I can never do
as you have done...

I offer you my moment of courage,
lifting my right foot over the side of the boat
and the chill, the thrill of one toe touching
the choppy, white-capped waves...

And I offer you the shifting weight of my soul
as I lean out of the boat's safety
and into the depths of your promise calling me...

I offer you one foot finally, firmly planted on the water...

And I offer another courageous breath-taking, leg-lifting
moment of trust
as my left side leaves the boat and

such a gift!

I'm out of the boat, headed towards you!

Now I offer you one tentative step away from the boat
(no turning back now)

...then a step of joyful triumph
(look what I can do!)

... a step of self-critical doubt
(what if I'm doing this wrong?)

....followed by a step of wavering intentions
(is this what I really want?)

...then a step of self-conscious fear
(what if I fail?)

...a staggering step of doubt
(is there a boat? a sea? is Jesus there?)

...then panicked steps of sinking fear
(I'm going under!)

...legs, submerged, kicking;
arms flailing; voice crying,
"Lord, save me!"

A hand takes mine and lifts me up...

I offer you so many things, Lord:
my hesitation, my second guessing,
my moments of courage and faith,
my steps on the water,
the heavy ballast of my pride, doubt and fear,
my cries for help...

"Lord, save me!"

And you do, you save me,
you rescue me even from my foundering faith...

And I thank you,
O God, I thank you,
for your strong arm reaching out to me:
your hand grasping mine,
your grip pulling me to safety,
to your arms,
to peace...

I offer you my heart's gratitude, Lord:
for the times you've bid me walk on water;
for the times I've taken a few steps,
sometimes faithful, often faltering;
and for all the times of your never-failing
reaching to save me
from the waters of my fear and pride...

How many times, Lord,
have you helped me walk on water
when my faith was weighted by doubt?

How many times have you helped me walk
where I feared to go in my life
and in my mind, my heart, my soul?

How many times have you helped me walk
through problems and confusion,
anxiety, doubt and fear,
sickness and disappointment,
through sadness and loss,
grief and pain?

How many times?
Too many for me to count, Lord...

What deep waters I've crossed, Lord,
sometimes walking in faith
but just as often carried in your strong arms
when my faith flagged...

I offer you, Lord, every step I've taken in faith
and every time you've lifted me from drowning
in the waters threatening my soul...

Bid me walk on water in faith today, Lord, and,
should I falter, reach out to save me
and keep me from harm...

Give me the faith, the trust, the courage I need
to take even one step out of my boat,
to begin to hope that with your help, your grace,
I might indeed
walk on the water, with you...

And, Lord, help me reverence all those
whose boats I share and, with them,
praise your name
for truly, you are the Son of God!

Receive my morning offering, Lord,
this day, tonight and through the week ahead...


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  1. I always look forward to praying your Good morning, good God! poems and this prayer of Offering my desire to walk on the water, in faith is absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you and God bless, Fr. Fleming.


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