Monday Morning Offering- 177

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

The last few days on my calendar, Lord,
were filled to overflowing
and this week is shaping up to be just about the same.

I went into the weekend with some foreboding,
hoping just to make it to Monday,
and have the rest behind me -
but something changed...

It wasn't the weather:
it snowed - and that was the last thing I wanted!

It wasn't me:
I wasn't even trying
to have a brighter outlook...

It wasn't a cancellation:
in fact, things got even busier
than I'd expected!

It was you, Lord,
and your powerful grace
seeping into my mind and heart,
bringing me peace when I needed it most,
softening the edges of my self-concern,
giving me patience with how things came to pass,
opening my eyes and ears to those around me
and to the grace of their presence...

It was you, Lord,
making of these full days
a weekend filled with acceptance,
with trust that all was proceeding as you desired,
along a path you had traced for my steps...

It was you, Lord,
and the light of your presence
disclosing what I would have missed
had I not given way to your hand's touch
upon my days and the gift of all those
whose paths crossed mine...

How often, Lord, have you reached out to me
and have I failed to welcome
your hand upon my shoulder,
leading, guiding, comforting me
when a troubled spirit fills my heart?

How often has my self-concern kept me
from seeing you right beside me,
from hearing your words of comfort,
from accepting the strength you offer?

How often, Lord, have fear and anger
hardened my heart and
shut me in, alone, refusing to believe
that you or any other might love,
might care, might be there for me?

How often have I hid in my own darkness
and missed the light of your face,
the goodness you've disclosed,
and the peace you've reached to offer me?

I offer my thanks for the weekend past
and pray when next you slip into my day
I'll have the grace to see and welcome you,
to find in you the strength I need,
the peace that's yours to give...

And when you find me stewing in my own dismay,
dismiss whatever keeps my heart
from opening up to all you have to give me, Lord...

Shake, nudge, stir, move, push, rouse me, Lord,
from my complacency, my fears and my anxiety
and wake me to your presence, your grace
and to your face...

Accept my prayer this morning, Lord,
and be with me this day, tonight
and every day this week...


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  1. amazing grace - how sweet the sound, may I hear it's sometimes still small voice.


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