Word for the Week of August 26

Whether or not scholars or pilgrims can locate a particular sermon at a particular location is an issue worthy of discussion, however a number of factors lend credibility to the so-called "Mount of Beatitudes" being a place where Jesus taught the multitudes. Centrally located amidst the places of Jesus' Galilean ministry, it is a large hill with ample space for crowds, and early pilgrims built three churches at the base of the hill.
You'll see that I've posted the new Word for the Week at the top of the sidebar. The suggestion for this week's text came in a comment on one of the posts below.

Here are two articles on the Beatitudes by Jim Forest. The first centers on the meaning of the word blessed in this text and the second, The Ladder of the Beatitudes, is a brief but insightful commentary on this scripture. For Forest's book, The Ladder of the Beatitudes, check here.

Any suggestions for next week's Word for the Week?

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