Blessing of the Animals

Image by Patricia Storms
Sunday, October 7 at 2:00 p.m., at

The Emerson Umbrella
(Inclement weather: Trinity Episcopal on Elm Street)

Sponsored by:
Trinity Episcopal Church ----- Holy Family Parish
The Emerson Umbrella ----- Animals as Intermediaries
Jane Langton and Ilse Plume: author and illustrator of
St. Francis and the Wolf

(For more background on St. Francis see here and here)

Pets of ALL faiths and ALL sizes are welcome!
(Please leash or cage your pet for safety)
PWP's* also most welcome!
*People Without a Pet, People Wanting a Pet,
People Waiting for a Pet, People Wishing for a


  1. I have asked a friend if I could borrow her dog Lily to bring to the Pet Blessing. My Lucy died almost three years ago. I took Lucy a few times to the Pet Blessing at OLHC. We always had a good time. Haven't been since Lucy died. I think Lily will enjoy!

  2. I went to the Blessing of the Animals today- my first time. (I am a "PWP"- Person Without a Pet) Thank you all who organized this event.
    It was a nice day- I couldn't help smiling at all the animals there with "their people".
    But later today I heard some sad news. Talking on the phone, I asked my brother how is their dog, Hazel, and their cat, Nimh. He said Hazel is fine but Nimh died. He had gotten into a fight and the other animal hurt his eye. The doctor put him under with anesthesia so they could operate, but he never woke up.
    Could you please pray for Nimh and for my brother's family- especially for my 4 year old niece who sits by the statue where they buried Nimh in their backyard and talks to him.
    Thank you.


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