Word for the Week of October 21

Although not the original manuscript, this is the opening
of Paul's second letter to Timothy, in Greek

The new word for the week is taken from this Sunday's second scripture. It's a "word about the Word."

You know that this blog gives a significant emphasis to the Word each week, providing links to the Sunday scriptures, background materials on those texts and several reminders to "do your homework" and read over those passages. In part this is to prepare us for a deeper appreciation of the Liturgy of the Word in the Sunday assembly and in part it's because of the importance of the Word in our lives as Christians - something St. Paul highlights in this letter to Timothy.

How will the Word help us this week to grow spiritually? What time will we set aside for reading it, studying it, praying over it? Perhaps those who haven't yet linked to the readings and the background material might try it this week.


  1. Taking your advice..I just read the readings for this week. Never give up on prayer and trust in the Lord is what I take from this week. Sometimes my prayer seems routine then other times original but it is constant. It is a way to keep Jesus close to me every minute of the day. I have no idea what prayers are answered but I know they are in God's time.

  2. Sometimes, that's where I run into problems. Jesus says to be constant and persistent in our prayer and that all prayers are answered. But as "love the blog said", sometimes He says no and He answers in a different time span than we know. So if I pray for specific things, I get confused on what God is answering yes and no to, or if He is answering me at all!
    I think I'm just better off not praying for specific things and just being grateful for what is. It leaves less room for doubt that sometimes creeps into my soul.

  3. I like that Grace..."just being grateful for what is". But how do we hang onto that when the "why's" and "what isn't" creeps into our days and nights? That where I have difficulty.


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!