Doubting Thomases I, II, III

Classic portrait of Doubting Thomas by Caravaggio

Contemporary rendering of Doubting Thomas, based on Caravaggio, found at The Crossroads Initiative

Another contemporary rendering of Doubting Thomas, based on the Caravaggio, by John Granville Gregory

If you haven't yet done your scripture homework in preparation for Mass this weekend, I hope these three renderings of the Doubting Thomas might pique your interest and lead you to those
texts which, complete with background materials, can be found here.

Got kids? Here's some material to introduce them to this Sunday's scriptures before the getting to church.


  1. I'm pretty sure that there were women present when "Jesus came and stood in their midst." I love the last contemporary version but would have added a woman.

  2. Anne: are you sort of presuming women were present or do you have a source for that?

  3. Women were mentioned throughout the gospels and frequently were present with Jesus and his apostles. Why wouldn't there be a woman there on that day with Thomas and the others? I suggested that a woman be painted into the contemporary scene because the women of the gospels were witnesses and as such can be role models for the contemporary church. Mary for one knew Jesus was resurrected because she met him near the tomb. Other women may have had doubts like Thomas and needed proof. Women too sometimes need signs of unconditional love. Just a thought as to how I would have painted the contemporary version of the Caravaggio.


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