A little visit(or) from Colorado

Photo by R.H.

This past week my grand-nephew, Austin, visited his grand-uncle, ConcordPastor. He was quite well behaved during the liturgy but took to a little goatee pulling afterwards!



  1. Very cute picture- I hope that you enjoyed your visit with your grand-nephew.

    Isn't it amazing at how a baby will stare at an adults face- like you know everything? If only that were the case. I guess the one thing that we can teach them is that God and a life that is faithful to God is so important in getting to know things in our life.


  2. Adorable photo! Am glad you had a chance to connect with your grand-nephew and he with you, literally!

  3. Ah, yes... a beard to pull. Even easier to get to than a dangly earring, as long as you don't put the tyke on your shoulder! Don't let him near those glasses. ;-)

    I remember when my niece was that small. Nowadays she's getting close to being as tall as her mother and me (5'10"), although she's still a slender thing. Emma will be 13 (going on 17) in August and is still a delight, although of a different variety than when she was the size of a football.

    Enjoy little Austin while he's still young enough to do little damage as his grasp heads towards his reach.


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