Do you see what I see?

Here's another photo of Benedict XVI and the young native Australian on the prow of the ship that brought the pope into Sydney harbor. Other photos of the pope and this young man are at a previous post here.

I have no idea what the young man was saying to the pope, but here's what I hope...

I hope the young man, who would hear the pope's vision over the next few days, was sharing with Benedict his own vision. I hope the young man was inviting the pope to see what's ahead as he and other young men and women see the future. I hope he may have been sharing his dreams and concerns with the Vicar of Christ. If you saw this on television, you saw how animated this young man was in his exchange with the pope - it was mesmerizing!

I love the look in Benedict's eyes - he seems to want to see the broad expanse the young man is gesturing. I know he sees the hopes of the young with the wisdom his white hair signals. I pray that he sees their hopes and fears with understanding and with an openness to the way the Holy Spirit will speak to the Church through our youth today.

This image above reminds me of the Christmas song with the lyrics:

Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you know what I know?

I hope the young man and the pope both see what the other sees, hear what the other hears, and know what the other knows...



  1. I just got back from vacation. Can you please explain why you closed discussion on Catholic Charities and adoption? Thanks

  2. Michael: please see my post of July 17th, the one with the graphic of the hand with the calling card.

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures (I saw part of the pope's arrival but not this). The Holy Father certainly had a hard act to follow but he has shown himself to be a warm, engaged and engaging person, really fatherly (how appropriate!). The enthusiastic welcome the young people gave him was heartwarming. And it's difficult to scam the young - they seem to have a sixth sense for anything/anybody fake.


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