Monday Morning Offering - 5

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I wonder how many times you hear that greeting?
How many folks begin the day, the week,
by trying to get your ear, your attention, your help?

I don't understand
but I believe
that you hear every single one of us
as clearly as an infant hears
a mother's heart
when pressed against her breast...

Hear me, my God, this morning
and let me hear the beat of your heart
and in my steps through this day
and this new week ahead of me.

Wait! Did I say ahead of me?
I meant the new week ahead of us -
you and me -
because I want you with me, Lord,
every step of the way on every day,
leading me, guiding me,
walking by my side,
your hand on my shoulder,
your strength before and behind me,
a shield protecting me
in my worries and my fears...

I've asked you, begged you, Lord,
for so many things and,
as you know,
I'm still waiting on some of those things...

still waiting...

but whether I ask you or not,
one gift you never keep from me
is your presence:
night and day, asleep or awake,
you are with me...

You are by my side
when I love my neighbor
and you are by my side
when I hurt my neighbor,
my spouse, my child, my parent,
my colleague, my client,
my friend, myself
and you...

It's so easy to forget you are there, Lord,
so easy to forget that in every person
who crosses my path this day,
you cross my path...
in every one who needs my help today,
you need my help...
in all who wait this week for me
to be honest, fair and just,
you wait for the same from me...
in all who hope I will be
understanding, patient and gentle,
your heart expects no less of me...

You are there, with me,
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health,
in joy and in sorrow
whether I welcome or wince at your presence,
you are by my side...

Let me hear, clearly, Lord,
the beat of your loving heart:
let it pace my day and keep me attuned
to the quiet ways you whisper
your presence, your word, your counsel
to keep me on the path of your truth...

Make and keep me ever mindful
that you are at my side,
that not a breath or step of mine
escapes your notice,
that you guard me as the apple of your eye...

Good and gracious God,
shepherd my steps and my days
into a week where you wait
at every turn to show me the way...


(At the top of the sidebar, you'll find a beautiful recording of Psalm 23 with John Rutter conducting the Cambridge Singers. This beloved psalm sings of the shepherd who is ever present to his flock, always guarding and guiding their way...)



  1. Thanks for getting my day off to a great start. I love the monday morning prayer. Have a great week with the Lord ....

  2. I used to have a hard time believing the Lord was with me all the time. Walking the steps with me. Following my path each day. There was too much turmoil in my day to day life. How could he allow that? But I came to recognize, with the help of several friends that He is with me. Always. And no matter what comes my way, how difficult that may be, God is walking that path with me. I feel like this prayer was written just for me. Thank you for your beautiful words.
    A great way to start everyday.

  3. Beautiful prayer. I would like to copy it and bring to our RCIA group in our parish. It is such a wonderful reminder that God is with us in ALL that we do.

  4. Beautiful prayer. I would like to copy it and bring to our RCIA group in our parish. It is such a wonderful reminder that God is with us in ALL that we do.

  5. apc: I would be very pleased if you chose to share this prayer with your RCIA group!


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