Pictures at an Exhibition: Part II

St. James by El Greco

I'd like to second the urging of a reader in the combox for my post on the El Greco exhibit currently at the MFA in Boston. As Jeri wrote, this exhibit is rooted in the Catholicism of its time and the instructive panels throughout the galleries are a wonderful guide to that time in Spain and in the Church at large. The paintings are beautiful and require no museum-goer's expertise to understand and enjoy.

Jeri mentions the apostolados, a genre popular in this era: series of paintings of the apostles. I especially liked the St. James, above, at the MFA show. See this exhibit for the color, for the light, for the history, for the spirituality, for the story of faith...

I'd suggest you allow about one and half to two hours for a leisurely stroll through the exhibit which runs through July 27. Check here for ticket information.


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  1. This painting was my favorite! I also liked very much the still life of melon, etc.


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