Word for the Weekend of July 19-20

This doesn't mean you need to leave last Sunday's word behind! But neither is it too early to take a look at this coming weekend's word. (To be awash in the word is a good thing!)

Last week I made a suggestion to which several readers responded positively: print out this week's readings and put them in your pocket or purse, on your dash or nightstand, so that they're handy for your perusal any time you have a few minutes. At the same link for the readings you'll find background material on those texts to facilitate your understanding of them.

Got kids? Here's some helps for your kids as they prepare for this Sunday's worship.

This week's gospel includes three images: seed sown in a field, mustard seed and yeast. Find out what these three ingredients have in common and what message the Lord is cooking up for us this weekend!

Take a look at the scriptures now and let them begin to rise in your prayer, your imagination, your heart...


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  1. Life has been so hectic the last week because my mother is hospitalized and they are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I am praying more than ever, I wake up in the middle of the night and the first and only thing I say is "God please help my mother" and then I drift back to a shallow sleep. I feel a little guilty because I am praying more than ever, I have very diligently tried to make sure that I thank God for things and not ask God for things, but now I am asking, asking, asking.

    The reason that I put this post under hear is that I read the section "help for your kids" I wanted to mention that this is a wonderful section to go to because it can help you think. I needed that today and on other days too. You might want to think about visiting that site to get your mind thinking.

    God Bless.


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