Word for the Weekend of July 5-6

This icon of Christ's entry into Jerusalem depicts the image in Sunday's first reading from the prophet Zechariah.

Usually I publish this post on Wednesdays but since this week includes the Fourth of July - and the Night Before the Fourth - I thought it might be helpful for all (myself included!) to post this a day early.

Of course, the liturgical year does not parallel the civil calendar so this weekend's readings for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time are not chosen in light of our nation's birthday. With just a click you can find this weekend's scriptures and background material on them.

Got kids? Are they bored at Mass? Want to help them pay more attention? Mosey over here for materials to help your children prepare for Mass this weekend.

Just occurs to me that in liturgical language, the "night before the Fourth" would be "the Vigil of the Nativity of the United States"!

Although the scriptures fall by coincidence near the 4th of July, there are interesting questions raised by the holiday context in which we hear them:
Who is king? What kind of king do Christians seek? claim? worship? What as the King of Glory to do with war? with peace? How does our nation, often described as being in the "Judeo-Christian tradition," bear up under the scrutiny of Paul's critique of "life in the flesh" and the power of the Spirit? To whom do Americans turn when they are burdened by labor and in need of rest?

Not sure yet what I'm preaching or what you'll hear in your parishes... but those questions are worth asking and answering...


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