Monday Morning Offering - 7

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Ah, yes, another Monday - and another week ahead of us,
you and me, Lord...

I'm grateful for your summertiming through August with me.
(I'll bet you don't mind the approach of Labor Day
near as much as I do...)

Help me squeeze as much as I can
out of the days ahead of me, Lord,
these days warmed and brightened by the sun
and refreshed and fed by the rain...

Get me out there, Lord,
to bask in the afternoon sun,
reminding me how your love warms,
tans, even burns me with its intensity...

Get me out there, Lord,
lest I hide in the shadows of my fears,
in cold corners of isolation,
shaded from your heart's healing heat.

If you open the skies in rain,
walk me through the showers of your love
cleansing me and my wounds,
washing, refreshing, soaking me
in your grace...

Let me taste this summer, Lord,
before its fruits have passed their prime...

Make sure I relish a native tomato
and feast on ears of fresh picked corn.
Satisfy my sweet tooth
with fruits ripe for picking.
Let me snap string beans, shell peas
and slice a zucchini or two - or a dozen!
Treat me with ice cream and shortcake;
slake my thirst with iced tea and lemonade;
refresh me with slices of watermelon!

Feed me with the freshness of your Spirit;
refresh me with the sweetness of your grace;
sweeten me with the gift of your mercy...

You created humankind to live in a garden, Lord:
bring me to the garden of your presence
and teach me to taste
and see how good you are to me!

Your garden holds more than enough for me, O Lord,
so nudge me to bring someone with me,
someone as hungry as I
for your love and strength...

Meet us in the garden of your peace,
and bathe us in the shining noonday light
of your holy face...




  1. While I didn't make a prayer of it, I did feel grateful for my first homegrown ear of corn and tomatoes (courtesy of Hutchins Farm) and black raspberry ice cream (courtesy of Bates Farm/Kimball's in Carlisle. They have put me on their list to call when more peach arrives. Apparently, peach ice cream goes out very quickly.) I make a tomato sandich with Arnold's Country White bread, Hellman's mayonnaise and the delicious native tomatoes. Yum! This simple August ritual of mine never fails to delight me. I look forward to your much more sophisticated culinary critiques from the Cape!

  2. I have loved all the Monday morning offerings, but this one was especially good for me. I always start to feel pressured and rushed as we approach Labor Day, I can feel my body beginning to ramp up and race; this prayer and it's reminder to savor these late summer days and all their abundance was perfect.


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