School is Open - all summer in Afghanistan!

Image by School is Open

Marianne, the daughter of a couple in my parish, is part of a program called School Is Open.

School Is Open (SIO) is a grassroots organization connecting teachers, parents and students around the globe by training teachers, assisting in the education of young children, and supporting schools with supplies. SIO was founded in 2008 by teachers who want to give an educational opportunity to children that are overcoming a legacy of war, poverty, and hardship, and to support the hardworking teachers around the world.

Marianne is in Afghanistan for the summer and is blogging her experience. It's interesting, lively, humorous - and has great photos, too! Take a look - she's doing wonderful work.


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  1. What a great give these young people are giving to Afghanistan! It makes me so happy to witness those willing to give of themselves like this.


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