What's a WIDGET?

A WIDGET is an interactive virtual tool that provides single-purpose services such as showing the user the latest news, the current weather, the time, a calendar, a dictionary, a map program, a calculator, or desktop notes, among other things. And among other things a WIDGET might show are Recent Visitors Map or a Live Traffic Feed.

You'll now find both of these WIDGETS near the bottom of the sidebar, just above the SiteMeter tally.

The Recent Visitors Map shows you where recent visitors to this blog hail from. If you click on the WIDGET MAP you'll surface a much larger and more detailed map..

The Live Traffic Feed will tell you the town or city, state or nation from which recent readers come. (Names of localities are not necessarily geographically accurate! For instance, I sometimes appear to be online from Hudson, MA - when I'm sitting right here in downtown Concord!) If you click on Watch in Real Time at the traffic feed, you'll find a more extensive listing and more detailed information, including what site or search may have referred a reader to this blog.

Be Not Afraid! Neither I nor any other readers can discover from this information who you are! Your anonymity is secure.


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