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Got together last night with an old friend. Well, he's not actually that old and our friendship only goes back a few years. But we've been out of touch for a while, separated by schedules, geography and all the many things that keep us too busy to be with the folks whose company we most enjoy.

Not much has changed in his life or in mine: some things are better, most remain the same and nothing's really worse - thank God. The best part, our connection undisturbed by those missing-months, was there as if we had never been apart. Like riding a bike, finding a street in your old neighborhood or remembering how to play cribbage after years of not playing - we picked up right where we left off.

There's joy in a bond whose easy tending is but quaffing its comfort when time and temperament pour and toast the friendship shared.




  1. Glad you had a lovely evening reconnecting with a friend. Good friends really are treasures. I just read that (I believe the time frame was less than a decade) people were asked, we'll say in 2000, how many good friends they had. The answer - 3. Then, we'll say in 2006, the same question was posed. The answer - 0. We all need at least one good friend, a confidant, in our lives. Apparently, this is becoming less likely to be the case. Moral: try not to lose touch with friends. Try to reach out to those who could use a friend.

  2. My husband is my BEST friend. My second "best" friend and I have known each other for 35 years. We could...if they would only listen to us...solve the problems of the world. Also, the pope should have lunch with us...he might pick up a few tips!! Haha

  3. I have only one best friend but I think it was Emerson whos said if you have one friend you are blessed. I love to get with my best friend and have a glass of wine and a great meal and laugh a lot Nothing better.....we do pick up where we left off even if it has been months !!

  4. Your friends real name is Jack. ROB

  5. Rob's right that I have a friend by the name of Jack and he was close by last night but he wasn't the friend of whom I wrote. Jack's last name is Daniels, the friend I wrote about will retain his anonymity.

  6. I am the first Anonymous above. CP has suggested that where possible we give attribution for facts we state. So I will admit that my dates were incorrect and I will now correct and give attribution. In the Globe's Ideas section 9/21 there was an interview by Daniel Akst of John Cacioppo entitled "A Chicago Scientist Suggests That Loneliness is a Threat to Your Health."

    IDEAS: What is the evidence that people are getting lonelier?

    CACIOPPO: In 1984, the question was asked (in a survey), How many confidants do you have? And the most frequent answer was three. That question was repeated 20 years later, in 2004, and the most frequent response was zero.

    Though I had the dates wrong, the statistic remains upsetting. Reach out and touch someone today.


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