Love at sunset

Image by Bridget

Unfortunately, on most days I don't see the sun set.

She quietly slips away for the night while I'm busy about something or someone - or me...

I wonder if she notices when I don't notice that she's left the room?

On vacation last month, I was much more attentive... Was that only last month? Actually, not even a month yet although it seems like, well it seems much longer than three weeks ago...

Most evenings on vacation I sat and kept faithful vigil as she tricked me into thinking that she was going somewhere for the night while I stayed put...

I fell for it every time.

For her daily departures she never wore the same outfit twice. She always varied the style, the colors, the tones and textures of her heavenly haute couture. Some evenings she left in a dazzle, dressed, I thought, for a grand ball in a palace beyond the horizon... Other nights I think she just slipped away to a small jazz bar on some faraway solar shore to sit and sip a Viognier and spend some time unwinding before rising for the dawn... And on a couple of nights, clouds kept me from seeing how she was dressed... I had to guess at her evening plans and trust that she'd be home in the morning...

How can anything keep me from this nightly rendezvous? What could be more important than this affair with the universe? How could I be too busy for her? Does she miss me? Why don't I miss her more than I do? Why do I take her for granted?

And I do...

Perhaps I do because I know that when I have the time, when I make the time at day's end to look for her, to call on her... she'll be there, right where I left her, waiting to say goodnight again and to kiss my eyes with her beauty...



  1. Sunsets are awesome. Anywhere near the ocean are my favorites. Sunrises out West are great too. God has done a fine job at creating this good earth for us !! Thanks for this post. Have a great day.

  2. What a beautiful reflection of love for the sunset. Her beauty is there, not to be touched, only to be gazed upon. She does not miss you, nor does she notice you don't notice she left the room. If she had heart and soul, she would weep for your absence and neglect of her. She would notice you didn't notice she left the room. She would miss you. But the sunset has no soul or heart, just everlasting beauty that shines on the rich, poor, sad, joyful, lonely, and blessed. A beauty created by God.

  3. CP, you are such a romantic!

  4. This is great stuff! I never ceased to be impressed with your talent to find the right words....a gift from God?

    Have you ever thought about publishing some of your creative work in a book? When people began to speak of your work, I think it would become a best seller.

  5. Loyal Reader: For now the opportunity to write and share my work here is rewarding enough. Perhaps one day I might put something together, but for now, this space as a venue to share God's gift to me works just fine.

    Gotta put some things away to do in my retirement!


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