A blessing...

Image by Ramone Romero

This past week, one of my parishioners found out that he will be deployed to Iraq for a year beginning on October 25th. At Mass this morning, I called Mark and his wife and sons forward at the blessing and dismissal so that our parish might pray over him and his family. These are the words I prayed. You might want to pray them for someone you know who is serving overseas. And please keep Mark in your prayers, too!

we pray that God the Father will hold you
in the palm of his hand...

We pray that Jesus will be by your side,
night and day...

We pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you
with wisdom and courage...

We pray that angels will surround you
with gentleness and with strength...

Be sure that you leave our community

wrapped in our support and with our prayers...

Every Sunday when we pray in the intercessions
"for those who serve and protects us,
for those in harm's way and for an end to war"
we will be praying for you, Mark,
and for your safe return...

We pray for your wife, Sue,
and your sons, Mike and Matt,
that the Lord will be with them while you're away
and while they wait for you to come home!

May God bless you, Mark,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.