Monday Morning Offering - 17

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

As this day breaks, O loving Lord,
I offer you the joy of Tampa's dream come true
and Boston's heavy heart, its hope undone...

I offer you the joys of all
who will today find help, a friend, a love, a cure,
some work, some rest, some food, some time to laugh...

I offer you the heavy hearts
of those bent low by sorrow, grief, by loss and tears,
the hearts of all who cry and call your name...

I offer you the joys of those
who will this day find healing, hope and trust in you,
a deeper faith, forgiveness, truth and peace...

I offer you the wounded hearts
of those who've lost so much - too much - in love, in war,
in promises long broken, never kept...

I offer you the faith of hearts
that reach out for your hand when strength for reaching's gone,
when hunger for your touch is all there is...

I offer you the hope of hearts
that seek your peace when peace is nowhere to be found,
that seek your face when darkness clouds the sun...

I offer you the love of hearts
remembering better days and trusting you will come
again and keep your word of promised peace...

I offer you all hearts, O Lord:
our joyful, sorrowed souls are yours both night and day;
receive and bless and heal them with your grace.




  1. Beautiful and one of the best Morning Offerings to date! Or maybe it just seemed so extraordinary because it is so exactly right for me on this particular morning. God bless!

  2. These words are perfect for me today as I travel on a roller coaster of emotions and seem lost and confused.
    Thank you


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