L'chaim: to life!

For some good news on the pro-life front, see this post at the Deacon's Bench and the report that in Maryland "a panel has taken a strong stand for life -- and voted in favor of completely abolishing the death penalty."



  1. What a great post to see on this rainy Saturday!

  2. That is great news. Now if we could get Texas and other states who still use the death penalty to review their systems for punishment, that would really be a step forward.

  3. Interesting post and I will read the links. I hope I am not met with too much condemnation if I say that I am of two minds about the death penalty. Absolutely I see the inequity involved. My difficulty comes in my feelings after caring for some of the victims. I work at a large urban teaching hospital with a Level I Trauma Center. I have seen some terrible things done to people and remember the look in their eyes when they wake from the sedation we provide. It's very hard not to want to shake the life out of their tormentors. I know prayer should help, so I keep praying. And I will keep reading. Thanks.

  4. I have rejected an "anonymous" comment made on this post. Every victory for life is a victory for the whole pro-life movement. Let us rejoice in the victories as they come and continue to work for those yet to be achieved.

  5. This is fantastic news. I lived in Maryland up until about 4 years ago. However, my attention is currently focused on New Hampshire and the trial of Michael Addison. NH hasn't executed anyone since 1939. Addison was recently found guilty of Capital Murder for shooting a police officer. The jury found him eligible for the death penalty even though they also found that the State had not proven that he purposely murdered the officer. The defense will now argue that there are sufficient mitigating circumstances to prevent use of the death penalty. Hopefully this case won't reverse close to 70 years of progress.


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