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We follow the wisdom of Jesus, the "carpenter's son." Well, here's some advice from another carpenter who notes on his blog that these rules are as valid for the police recruits he trains as they are for his own children:

Some decisions in life are "wicked" easy and not really important. For example, you might decide to have cereal instead of toast for breakfast. But other decisions can involve choosing between what's right and wrong, and sometimes it’s not as clear or easy to know which one the correct choice is.

Whenever you're unsure if you're making the right choice, consider the following:

1. If I have to think too much about it, or feel the need to justify my actions, it’s probably not the right thing to do.

2. Do my actions hurt anyone?

3. Am I being truthful and fair?

4. Have I ever been told it’s wrong, or illegal?

5. How would I feel if my actions were “printed” on the front page of the newspaper?

6. What would the people I respect the most say about it?

7. Am I violating the Golden Rule? [How would I feel if someone did it to me or a family member?]

8. What does my conscience say?

9. If I'm still stuck . . . research, and seek out someone I respect and trust to talk it out.

(And for the wrap-up, see A Concord Carpenter Comments)


  1. I like it. Sounds like the Rotary motto....

  2. Great advice! I'm printing it off to hang on the fridge for me, read with our girls, and my Brownie troop! Thank you both.


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