New blog link

I'm adding a blog to the links on the sidebar (under Blogorama).

Between The 'Burgh and The City: A View of Faith, Politics & More

Written by Paul Snatchko, this blog is faithful to its subtitle and offers views and comment on a variety of topics. Paul is a faithful reader here and I encourage you to check out his site. A very nice feature is the inclusion of musical selections and weekly "YouTube clips for a peaceful weekend."

Here's one of Paul's musical clips that I really enjoyed (I'm not big Star Wars fan but this guy does a great job with John Williams' music - and John Williams and I are both honorary members of the Phi Alpha Tau fraternity at Emerson College!)



  1. Clearly, you owe it to John Williams to see the Star Wars movies...at least the original ones from '77, '80 and '83 !!
    Thanks for the blog link...

  2. I'm very honored, Concord Pastor!


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