Monday Morning Offering - 23

Image: George Mendoza

(With the first Sunday of Advent a "new year of grace" begins on the church calendar)
Good morning, good God!

In this year of grace ahead, Lord,
I want to offer you more of my heart
than I have in the past...

I offer you the corners of my heart
where I've let some weeds grow wild:
help me weed out anything
that fails to nourish and give me life...

I offer you the closets of my heart,
stuffed with old grudges and resentments:
Lord, help me discard anything
that fails to help me grow...

I offer you boxes of wasted time,
cartons of foolishness and bags of misspent effort
cluttering my heart:
help me clear out the trash of my mistakes
and give me a new beginning...

And I offer you the cellar of my heart, Lord,
where a locked trunk of hurt and anger
aches to be opened:
with the key of your healing grace
open me to the peace I seek...

I offer you my heart's hopes and dreams, Lord,
for this new year of grace:
my pledge to pray more regularly;
my desire to grow in faith;
my need to rely on your wisdom and word;
my promise to ask you for help each day;
my word that I'll forgive those who offend me
and be more generous to those in need...

I offer you this new year of grace, Lord,
and ask for the strength and resolve I need
to live it as someone worthy of the name Christian...

I offer you the new year ahead, Lord
- one day at a time -
and I pray for the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference...



  1. WOW!!! i do not know how i stumble upon this great blog! but praise the lord i did! god is good!

    i love this prayer for the new year, it's going to be a keeper for me...thank you for sharing!

    Bless you father!

  2. You left out "courage" in the Serenity Prayer part! Beautiful new year's prayer.

  3. no, it's there... (sorry, if I am being too literal or something)

  4. Anonymous:
    It wasn't there - and it's only there now because of your comment - for which I'm very grateful!

  5. just wanted to clarify that anonymous "2 and 3" are not the same person... I am the one who saw courage was there... (I guess after you added it)... so, I just didn't want to "get the credit" for pointing that out...

    (thanks "other anonymous" and ConcordPastor)

  6. And yet one more instance of how much clarity screen names rather than signing "anonymous" might bring to our discourse here. :-)

  7. I agree. If your cojncerned about remaining anonymous, you can always choose a "screen name" as an identity and keep your profile private.


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