Playing well with others - in the combox

In reviewing comments submitted on posts here, there are two kinds that I find most difficult to deal with.

First, there's the comment that argues:
"Jesus loves everyone unconditionally
and would never judge anyone - and we shouldn't either!"

(Comments like these often significantly omit from such sweeping and loving acceptance any bishops who transferred abusive priests.)

Then there's:
"If you don't agree with everything the Church teaches
then get the hell out - now!"

(Significantly, some who write like this also declare themselves exempt from the teaching and statements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.)

Further complicating the matter is that the first kind of comment often occasions the second!

A blogger like myself tires of being a referee in the combox and sometimes has to make the difficult decision to reject a comment. In light of that, here's a little advice...

1) Read the piece on the sidebar about posting comments on this blog.
2) Remember that while it's always good to ask, "What Would Jesus Do?" - it's often not easy to answer that question.
3) Diverse opinions are welcome here but comments impugning the faith or sincerity of other commenters will not be published.
4) As it says over the comment box: "Think before you write!"