Word for the Weekend - January 11

Tapestry by John Nava

Believe it or not, the Christmas season is still alive and well on the Church calendar. Christmastide ends not with Epiphany but with this coming Sunday's feast of the Baptism of the Lord. (Then we go back to Ordinary Time until Ash Wednesday.)

Take some time this week to read and pray over Sunday's scriptures and background on them. And if you're going to church with children, help them take a look at the scriptures from their point of view.

There are options for both the first and second lessons for this feast - it will be up to the preacher in your parish to make the choice. The link above offers you all the choices.



  1. Have you ever been to the Cathedral in LA where that tapestry is?

    I find it one of the most gorgeous and prayerful church buildings that I have ever been in.

    That image in particular really moves me.

  2. In the summer of 2004 I was at the Form-Reform Conference in Los Angeles and the cathedral was a major tour on the conference schedule. As great as that was, it wasn't enough for me and I bowed out of another conference activity to return the next day for my own exploring. It's one of the most beautiful church buildings I've ever visited.


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