The healing of hearts...

Online and offline, I've received some truly from the heart responses to my homily from this weekend. I've heard from those who were last to be picked for teams and from those who were doing the choosing... It seems that the incident I shared is one that many people have been part from one side or the other. What people have shared has come from tender place in the heart...

Amazing, isn't it, how easily and quickly a thought, a story, an image can return us to the playgrounds and classrooms of yesteryear...

May the Lord of healing, Jesus the Anointed, touch and heal our hurts... may his tender mercy forgive us our sins...

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  1. The difference is with you preaching your homily to thousands via internet; you get reaction, sympathy and empathy to your heartache. Most hold our hurts deep in our hearts - never to be listened to or cared about. Be grateful you have so many people out there that care about your life.

  2. I know how difficult it is to bring to speech those things in our hearts that are painful. It's not always easy for me to do so in a homily but I know that in the end it's helpful not only for those who hear me but for myself, too. I would never be able to speak as I do publicly if I hadn't first confronted some of my history and hurt in counseling and spiritual direction. Before the "thousands," there were two or three who listened, professionally, to help me heal.


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