Monday Morning Offering - 33

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Yesterday I preached on you and Job
so I’ve been thinking about Job’s faith in you
and how mine measures up to his and, well -
it doesn’t...

I know you don’t compare my faith to others’, Lord,
but I figure Job’s story is there to teach me something
and I think there’s something I can learn from his faith…

So I offer you this morning
the things that get in faith’s way in my life…

I offer you my disappointment, Lord,
when you don’t do what I want you to do
in the way I want you to do it…

Help me remember
that you are not my servant
and that I am yours…

I offer you my impatience, Lord,
when you respond too slowly to my prayers,
and the doubts I have
when you seem not to hear my prayers at all…

Help me trust that you hear every prayer I offer
long before it’s in my heart or on my lips
and help me see
that you might answer my prayer
in a hundred ways I miss
when the only answer I look for
is the one I want…

I offer you my envy, Lord,
when I fret about not having
what others have;
and I offer you my stubbornness
when I refuse to be happy
except on my own terms…

Open my eyes wide
to the gifts I do have,
to the blessings I’ve received,
to the peace and joy
you have in store for me
and want me to find and have…

I offer you my hopelessness, Lord,
when I feel that my life is like the wind,
that I shall never see happiness again…

Help me trust that:
your love is better than life itself;
my heart will be restless until it rests in you;
my hope and my trust are never in vain…

Help me trust, Lord
that when I cannot find you,
you are still by my side;
that even when I feel abandoned,
you hold me in the palm of your hand;
that when I am too weak get up,
your strong arm reaches to lift me;
and that when I am most vulnerable,
you shield me with your love…

Draw me from my self, Lord,
and into your heart of hearts…

Open my heart to the troubles of those around me
and give me strength to reach out to them…

Help me to welcome you as my Redeemer,
the One whom I shall see with my own eyes,
the One who promises and will bring me peace…




  1. Wow! Does this morning offering have a lot to "offer" us...I really needed this today. I am so grateful to have someone who can put what I am often feeling into words in a way that I am not able to. Thank you CP!

  2. I really like this AM's offering, particularly the part that reminds me to open our eyes to the gifts and blessings we have received....and again when you say to open our my heart to the troubles of others. Lots to think about and pray about this morning. Thanks for the reminders!

  3. I usually relate and feel a connection to your Monday Morning Offerings-
    and I am always grateful for them-
    but, this one is somehow different for me.

    I love God so much (too much? is that even possible?)...
    and all I want is to trust and have faith that God is here with me all the time-
    and I want so much to serve God...

    but, I think...

    I don't have faith in MYSELF.
    I am disappointed in MYSELF because I don't know what God wants me to do... and when I CAN'T DO whatever I am supposed to be doing...

  4. ben: You have a great gift of faith - praise God for it! (I'm sure you do.)

    You might want to think about approaching a spiritual director to help you discern what your faith, what your God is calling you to do.


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