My life is like the wind...

Image: Face in Hands by Shawn Gregg, used with permission

In the first reading this weekend, Job cries, "My life is like the wind: I shall not see happiness again..." In the gospel passage, Jesus goes about healing and driving out demons... We live, all of us, somewhere between those two points... To prepare to hear these scriptures, take a look at this earlier post.



  1. Can't help but relate to this picture and caption. It's just where I'm at right about now. Maybe ... these scriptures will somehow help.

  2. Job: What a depressing statement.

    Rob: You cannot change the wind, but you can always adjust the sails!

  3. Not if you don't know how to adjust the sails ... sometimes you just can't see them.

  4. Christine,

    I guess that glass is half full?

  5. There are circumstances when people are grief stricken or heartbroken where the half/empty, half/full theory just doesn't apply. There is no glass in their case, just a need to heal. Christine: sounds like you need a friend, family member or therapist for you to reach out and have them help you work through your sadness so you don't feel so lost. I'll be praying for you.

  6. Both Concord Carpenter and Mary offer good advice, and in some ways, the same advice. When you can't find the sails or if it seems there is no glass, you need help to find them - but they are there...

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    If you do grant permission for use of your protected images, I request that permission now.

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