Need a Tom Tom GPS for your Lenten journey?

Not sure where you're going?

Having trouble figuring out how to get there?

Wondering which way to turn?

Need directions?


All these questions about directions are also questions for our spiritual lives.

Think of Lent as a spiritual GPS device designed to help you find out where you are - where you need to go - and how to get there.

(My homily from the Third Sunday of Advent explores the spiritual analogy of a GPS in fuller fashion.)Link
Where's God in my life? Which path is God asking me to walk? Is God on the journey with me? Am I on the journey with God? Do God and I have the same destination? If I'm lost, will God find me? Will God show me the way to peace?

Lent is a season for pondering some of the questions we keep putting on the back burner...

Wednesday, February 25 is Ash Wednesday but today isn't too early to begin wondering about this holy season and what it might hold for you...

-ConcordPastor 2009LentPostCollection

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