Monday Morning Offering - 39

Image: George Mendoza

For nine months I've been posting a weekly Monday Morning Offering, a feature on my blog which draws many readers. So, with the hope that those who have come here for the daily Lenten prayer series might continue to return on Mondays after Easter, the regular Monday Morning Offering stands today as the Daily Lenten Prayer for Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent. This is Monday Morning Offering XXXIX.

(If you’ve been having and living a great Lent,
you may not find this Morning Offering very helpful.
But if you’ve had some ups and downs this Lent,
well - just change the number of days
to match your reality and take it from there…)

Good morning, good God!

So, Lent is half over.
We’re three weeks away from Easter
and I should be at least half prepared to celebrate
your resurrection.

But I’m not.

I’m not sure I’m even 1/40th ready
for Easter Sunday.

Beginning with Ash Wednesday I was doing really well,
right up until the First Sunday of Lent.

I know: that’s only 4 days…

So, I offer you my bad record here, Lord:
have some mercy on me…

I offer you my lack of self-discipline:
I excuse myself so easily…

I offer you my flimsy promises,
made with firm intentions
but failing in follow-through…

I offer you my mistakes, Lord,
hoping that you will forgive me
and accept my renewed pledge
to pray more often, to go without
and to reach out to the poor…
Such is my offering, Lord, and, as always,
it comes with a request on my part
that you not let me try to do this alone…

Be with me, Lord, and be my strength in temptation…

When I put off prayer,
draw me to a quiet place and sit me down
to be with you, to speak with you,
to get to know you better…

When I’m tempted to indulge myself
on what I’ve given up for this season,
remind my heart of my pledge
and the reason for it:
an opportunity to fill my soul
with the food and drink of your word and truth…

When I spend first on myself
and consume more than my share of goods,
show me how much I have (too much!)
and show me how to be generous
with those who little or nothing at all…

I offer you my renewed Lenten intentions, Lord,
and pray you will strengthen my resolve,
deepen my commitment and keep me faithful
to preparing for Easter…

One day at a time this Lent, Lord:
you and me, with the Church,
in the grace of your Holy Spirit...

- Heart image by Gwen Mehorg
- Coffee image by George Mendoza


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  1. ...yeah, I'm really not sure that I'm ready...
    I have so many things that I need to focus on, but I seem to be failing at all of them...
    I keep "starting over", only to go so far, and then I can't go anymore- not because I don't want to, but because I get stuck and can't.


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