A reflection...

A Prayer to Own Your Beauty

O God
help me
to believe
the truth about myself
no matter
how beautiful it is!


-Macrina Wiederkehr

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  1. ...this made me cry...

    accepting myself, feeling worthy and... loving myself is such a difficult struggle for me...

    thank you for this...

  2. I love that poem, Macrina Wiederkehr is a favorite poet of mine.

  3. what made you post this? I was feeling the pull of life and needing a balm for all that aches within I decided to check for a post before going to sleep...needless to say it brought tears instantly to my eyes. And I wonder, what made/inspired you to post this?

  4. What made me post this poem? Well, I think a fair answer would be, "the Holy Spirit!"

    I keep a stack of books by my computer, some of which I consult frequently, others only once in a great while. I spotted Macrina's book and opened it and read through a number of prayers, poems and prose until I came across this one. Seeme perfect for the moment... I searched for a graphic and was pleased with the one I posted... and hearts are touched... Voila! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  5. Yes, I would agree, and it was the answer I felt you would give. Thank you, for the answer and being such a willing instrument for us all. I do indeed praise God, even in the confusion because I have learned that that too will lead me where I need to go.

  6. Last night, before going to bed, my daughter asked me what was wrong and that I seemed sad. I said to her that I was just having a day where I felt fat and ugly. Of course, being my daughter, she told me that is not what she sees. Then this morning I read this post. Maybe you are right. The Holy Spirit is at work in this blog. Thanks to you ... and of course to the Holy Spirit.

  7. I like it too. Optimistic, a good exercise for the soul.

    Cool graphic indeed.


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