Seeking the light no darkness can extinguish...


In a homily a few years back (2003), I made reference to artist Andy Newman, a parishioner here. At the time, Andy's work was being exhibited at Arte Periferica Galleria in Lisbon in a show titled Moving Shadows. I wasn't in Portugal but Andy gave me the exhibit booklet and I was taken not only by the paintings in it but also by the brief introduction he wrote:

Image by Andy Newman

In the paintings of this exhibition, I have sought to explore the contrasts between darkness and light, and to search for the light in darkness that is shadow. Shadow is a place of relativity, in which it is not clear where the light ends and the darkness begins. So, in some paintings, while it is day, patches of absolute darkness apparently exist; in others it is night yet light abounds.
-Andy Newman

Image by Andy Newman

Shadows are tricksters: they play games on us and sometimes frighten us. But what hides in the shadows is revealed in the sunlight and often the light itself is enough to dispel our fear and draw us back into the embrace of warm light and an afternoon's nap. Light abounds in the night as well as the day: moon light, star light and simply the light I bring to the darkness as my eyes befriend and become accustomed to it.

Where is the darkness in the daytime of my soul? Where is the light in the dreams of my dark hours? If the Lord is my light, what fear have I of the dark? Indeed, even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for the Lord is at my side...

In Lent, the light and darkness of seasons' change play with my days and its shadows. Help me, Lord, to "search for the light in darkness that is shadow..." Guide me, Lord, to the light you are, the light no darkness can extinguish...


  1. This is wonderful. Just what I needed in a dark hour. Thank you.


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