Welcome to the table of the Lord!

Photo by DB

On Sunday morning we made room at the Lord's Table for 11 of our young brothers and sisters to receive Communion for the first time. Our parish was pleased to welcome these children to begin sharing in the Lord's sacrifice offered to us at the altar the Eucharist. A celebration such as this is a joy and a grace for the whole parish as well as for the children and their families. Between now and Pentecost we will have five more of these liturgies - a wonderful way to keep alive the Easter spirit through this season of seven weeks.



  1. Rev. Gene VavrickApril 20, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Austin, we do First Communions the same way...small groups at two of the three Masses each weekend during the Easter Season. It turns out to be a very productive way of celebrating and evangelizing. I'll never go back to the big celebrations on a Saturday morning.

    Easter Peace,

  2. What a saintly-looking crew! :-)

  3. Welll, of the dozen, Paul, I'd say about eleven qualify as saintly - the twelfth is still working his way in that direction!


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