Word for the Weekend - April 26

Image by Cerezo

Time to look over the scriptures for this coming weekend's liturgy for the Third Sunday of Easter.

You will find the texts and background material on them here and if you are helping children prepare to hear the Word, take a look here.

The gospel this week again finds the disciples gathered in the upper room, just after the return of the two who met the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

As in other accounts, the emphasis here is on the physicality of the risen Lord - that's the point of having Jesus ask for something to eat and for the disciples to offer him a piece of baked fish. The point here is that ghosts and spirits don't eat! The Risen One invites those present to touch him (as we read in last week's gospel, too) and he eats with his friends, as he does in other post-Resurrection stories.


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