And the winners are....

There are many awards in the blogosphere and competition for them can be quite strong.

I'm honored then, to be chosen by Greg Kandra at the Deacon's Bench as a nominee for the heretofore unknown-to-me but obviously prestigious

Lemonade Stand Award

The best thing about this award is that there's no voting - bloggers just hand it on to others whom they qualify as bloggers "with great attitude and gratitude."

So, it's my turn to hand this on to others, and I nominate:

Wheelie Catholic

New Wineskins

Between the 'Burg and the City

A Concord Carpenter Comments

Catholic Sensibility

... who in turn are obliged to nominate others!

I hope you enjoy the variety in these five blogs - I do!

(Nominees above will be getting a message from me in their comboxes soon.)



  1. Thanks, Fr Austin. I appreciate the nomination. Keep up the good work here, my friend.

  2. I have decided that bloggers worthy of the Lemonade Stand Award must never sleep! How do you all do your own blogs, plus read so many others, plus, I imagine, read the many magazines, newspapers, etc., that are online. I think a new award should be the No Doze Award!

    Congratulations and Happy Blogging!


  3. Thanks Austin!

  4. Congrats on your nomination for the "Lemonade Stand Award"!

    I agree with Rosemary above that you should also receive a "No Doze Award" as well, complete with a gift basket full of goodies to keep you awake and alert.

    Thanks also for the other blogs to check out. Now I'll have to learn how to read faster!

    : )


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