Monday Morning Offering - 45

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

The news is filled with fear of flu, Lord, so:
we offer for your healing those who are sick;
we offer for your strength those who fight disease;
and we offer for your mercy those who have died...

Help us to be careful, Lord,
and spare us the spread of this illness...

In our fear of the flu, make us mindful, too,
of the ways our minds and hearts are subject to infection,
and deliver us, O Lord...

From the contagion of carelessness,
from the malady of injustice,
from the fever of selfishness,
deliver us, O Lord…

From the poison of prejudice,
from the infection of resentment,
from a diagnosis of indifference,
deliver us, O Lord…

From the infirmity of lust,
from the condition of pride,
from the ailment of envy,
deliver us, Lord…

From the illness of mistrust,
from the disorder of infidelity,
from the disease of greed,
deliver us, Lord…

Deliver us from what poisons our minds,
attacks our hearts
or sours our spirits...

We offer you, Lord, ourselves, body and soul:
heal what ails us,
mend our brokenness,
make us strong in faith
and be our Divine Physician...

And in whatever ways we can care for each other,
make us strong in our efforts to reach out
and lift up our brothers and sisters in need...

Deliver us from an epidemic of fear, Lord,
and help us to trust in your care for us...




  1. Happy Monday morning Padre. Great post!

  2. I just heard the expression the malignancy of fear yesterday and then read your post. With all of the warnings to wash our hands, the image of the priest washing his hands during mass comes to mind ...
    such a powerful antibiotic we have in faith!


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