President Jenkins introduces President Obama

Michael Paulson at Articles of Faith has posted Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C. introduction of President Barack Obama at Sunday's commencement. The full text of Jenkins' introduction is worth the read and is helpful for understanding the event that has caused so much discussion.



  1. Fr. Jenkins speech was eloquent....as was he.

  2. True, but eloquence is hardly synonymous with wisdom or righteousness. Eloquence is a necessary companion to all great leaders, both good and evil. Eloquence allows people to look past the message and be seduced by the messenger.

    I for one am not clear yet on where the three speaker’s eloquence or messages will land in history. Will it be one more appeasement in a long devolution towards moral relevetism in the US, modeled after an aggressively secular Europe? Or could it really be a moment where a new president has a true reconsideration of long held moral values.

    Time will tell, but I think there are much better odds on one of those outcomes.


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